Teaching Thoughts, Teaching Questions

by Michael Soules from the BKL Manual

Effective teaching boils down to:
Making observations
Interpreting those observations (making sound decisions based on motor development and motor learning information – and from the child’s feedback!)

Know the children’s names- know the children’s names-know the children’s names. No excuses.

Young children can only take in so much information; young, young children take in less.

General feedback is good; specific feedback is better. “Good Job” is nice, but “much better weight shift” is better.

Be prepared to give feedback right after giving feedback.

Monitor the number of “tries” a child makes.

Do you teach the way YOU learn? If so, what about the children who learn differently from you?

Where does the critical thinking on the children’s part come into play? Are there things we know that we want them to discover? Are all the kids using the same kind of equipment? How do you know?

Make special considerations for special children.

Ask the children how a practice/lesson went: Well? not so well? why?

Ask yourself if the lessons flow from one to another – why or why not?

Have an emergency Medical Plan; bring other people in on it.

There are times when, unfortunately, kids must be removed from class. Follow-up is important.

Have the day end on a good note. Bring up behavior concerns at the beginning of practice.


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