Temp Guidelines

Temperature Guidelines for BKL Programs

Temperature Racing Training Easy Skiing
Below zero °F or -18°C
Gaitor over mouth, eye
NO NO Several (1-3) short, easy periods of skiing (10-15 minutes each) with proper clothing such as neck protection; watch for frostbite, don't go too far from shelter
-18 to -15°C
Not recommended Steady work, no intervals OK, but keep moving
-14 to -12°C
Usually OK
Consider factors below*

Intervals with caution, a good warm-up

OK, keep moving
11°F (-11°C)
and warmer

These are guidelines. In making your decision, be sure to take the following into account:

* Factors that make things worse:

- wind chill factors
- long distance from heated space
- lack of shelter from wind
- poorly dressed skiers
- younger and less experience skiers
- longer race course
- remember that skating will be very slow

* Factors that make things better:

- plentiful sunshine
- nearby heated space
- shelter from wind
- warmly dressed skiers
- older or more experienced skiers
- shorter race course
- classic may be more satisfying for very cold conditions


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