Bill Koch Festival

For those of you who are not familiar with the Bill Koch Festival, it is a weekend-long celebration of youth cross-country skiing in New England and several families from our club will be there to enjoy the ski racing, ski touring, and general fun in the snow.  The festival is not just about ski racing (although the ski races each day do play a very prominent role in the activities).  Rather, the festival is a great way to enjoy a weekend
away with family and friends to culminate the ski season.  In addition
to the skiing, there is typically a themed, opening ceremony parade that
our club will march in (in some type of costume) as well as a graduation
ceremony for the 8th graders who have completed their Bill Koch years.
If you think you might travel to the festival, you should make hotel
reservations now.  Keep in mind that it is far enough away that you will
want to arrive Friday night.

The 2022 New England Bill Koch festival will be held March 5-6. Details to come.

NENSA Information on Bill Koch Festval

Opening parade at Great Glen New Hampshire. Club members were dressed as cavemen skiers.

Berkshire Trail kids in the lollipop race at a Bill Koch Festival, Great Glen, New Hampshire.


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