Ski Group Requirements

Judges Hill


Non-skiers or limited ski experience.4-6 years old Balance on skis, side step, herringbone, star turn, diagonal stride, snow plow, double pole, getting up from a fall, trail etiquette.
Greylocks same as above,6-7 years old Same as above.
Katahdins same as above,8-10 years old Same as above.
Rainiers Ski experience, balance on skis, side step, herringbone, star turn, getting up from a fall, trail etiquette7-9 years old Snowplow, snow plow stop, diagonal stride, double pole, intro to skating through games.
Matterhorns All previous skills, snow plow stop, double pole9-10 years old Snow plow turns, running herringbone, synchronized diagonal stride, diagonal poling, balance on one ski briefly, efficient hill climbing, introduction to skating technique.
Kilimanjaros All previous skills Beginning step turns, introduction to skating: open skate, v-skate, diagonal skateMaintain balance on one ski for extended time, begin slalom, proper weight transfer, skate turns, downhill skiing skills and management, trail etiquette.
Denalis All previous skills and objectives Introduce kick double pole, begin marathon skate, work on skating on both sides, fine tune diagonal, open skate and V1, improve precision of step turns and downhill techniques, trail etiquette.
Everests Competent in all above skills Same as above racing technique.

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