Ideas for Coaching Little Kids

Youngest Groups
They get cold, don’t have them standing still and waiting for a turn, keep them moving.

Star Turns: Tips together, step around a circle
Snow flakes: Tails together, step around a circle

Hokey Pokey

Hit the deck or Turtle: Falling down in a heap, get on your back with feet up in the air together. Roll to side and get up onto your knees and then stand up

Simon Says (If warm, if cold do it vigorously)

Kids holding hands with a partner

Small obstacle course: Squirt bottle with food coloring to set up your obstacle course. Through a hoop, over a log, round a tree, bean bag toss into a box, Get in and out of a big shirt.

Figure 8’s both ways (learning to turn in each direction

Maze: crazy shape with lots of turns-use food coloring spray bottle for this also

Duck Walk: quack while they walk. This is how they learn the herringbone step and every week they go up a bigger hill.

Side stepping: good skill to practice

Snow plow: pie or pizza shape, small or big pieces and gradually they work to going down a hill.

Jack in the box: they pop up and down while they ski and then they jump up

Limbo: ducking under a scarf, ski poles are dangerous to use. Do it on a downhill so kids are coasting not walking

Fly like an airplane so their arms are out like wings and they go around corners tilting.

Slalom: use people to go around

Music with crazy dancing

Any cookie monster race where each kid gets a cookie: it can be a big shirt relay, snow ball relay.

Every week:
Exploration: they add to their list of what they do as a group. So a kid yells, POLAR BEAR and everyone runs and someone else yells RIVER and they all jump over the river, for a Blizzard or squall they lay down, Captain lookout: get down on one knee, Ankle-biting crocodiles: they jump up. They make up other things to add to the list. Every week they yell out what they already have discovered,  and then use their imagination to add other things to the list.


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